1 week and counting

Actually the 29th made a week, but whatever...

I can tell she's growing tho.

Happy to find that I'm discovering what products
work and what don't. Just used the Organix shampoo
and conditioner and my hair loves it. One thing I can't
wait to try is the Kinky Kurly Custard to see how it
works on my curls, been hearing great things about
it so far. Right now I've been using Mixed Chicks...but
uh, I think it's time to switch it up. Just don't like
how hard it leaves my curls sometimes.

liquid heaven...

Received my shipment of unrefined

shea butter and coconut oil from

Butters-n-Bars earlier this week.

Ready to start brewing my

concoction...hahahaha!! Stay

tuned for pics and updates.

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