Haven't updated in a WHILE...sorry ;-( charge it to my head and not my heart...

The 19th officially made a month since I did the BC. The twa is making some process....

blue earrings by my girl Kendra (chicendeavors.blogspot.com)

Not sure if you can tell by the pics, but it's definitely growing.

With the cold weather continuing to dry my hair out, I decided to get some senagalese twists, just so I can give my hair a break. I don't want to keep them in too long, probably 2 months at the most.

yes, they're tight...and yes they hurt

Aside from the natural process, I've been brainstorming and tapping into my creative side. Got a few thangs brewing in this dome piece of mine. I've been working on creating hair accessories for "deh gal naturale". They're a work in process, so we'll just have to see how it goes...my first piece is the hair clip in the pic above with the blue earrings.

PLEEEEZZZZEEEE give me feedback...



  1. That is a really pretty clip. For the right price, I'd buy it! I love your pictures on the side and your overall layout of your blog. Congrats on your BC and the growth that is sprouting since then.

    My best, Lynn
    *swing by my spot and follow me too....naturalappeal.blogspot.com! :o)

  2. Thanks Lynn! 'preciate the love. I'll have to keep that comment about the clip in mind *wink*. Will def be posting links to my artwork and other creations.

    *swinging by naturalappeal*