May's Agenda

Dedicate 15 hours a week towards the site
Read at least twice a week
More DIY projects
Photograph more
Paint more
Write/blog more

Buy new cam lens
Lose 10 more lbs

Work harder
piano lessons


Now let's see how many I'll have marked off the list come June. Optimism at its best ;-)


  1. Great list. I know the difficulty of sticking to self-assigned rituals and plans. I had to remind myself that we are past half way through the year, and closer to 2012 than 2010, and that it was time to step up my advances in a few things.

    Everything on your list seems very important in creating a better you. Perhaps I can help you with one of those things. You said "read at least twice a week" and our site just started a book club, so feel free to join!

    As far writing and blogging more, I sure hope you do. We'd love to hear and see more of you.

    PS- I noticed you follow "maneandchic", as do I. Are you natural? I am close to 2 years in, no regrets! I love my hair.


    Sojo (Soraya) ; FWB

  2. Thanks for commenting Sojo. Yeah I can honestly say that I've checked off about 3 things from the list lol I'm a work in progress :-)

    I'd love to join! I just bought a ton of books from Borders, but I'm trying to wrap up a couple I got from the library first. I'll have to check out your site.

    Yes I am a natural nubian! lol January will mark my 2 year anniversary. I love it. Though I've been taking a break lately. Have to weave it up for a bit. lol

    Be sure to stop by my other sites