Reflection #1

Something I just realized...well maybe not JUST realized. Maybe I should say "observed" about myself...I am very critical. As I was updating this blog I thought to myself, "do you realize this is probably like the 10th time you've updated this blog?" Yes I get bored easily, that's a given, but is there a hidden meaning here? I've always considered myself an observant person. When I meet new people, I'm not exactly 100% inviting, but in most cases, I've found myself willing and able to warm up to others. But I will critique you until the end! This is horrible, but true. I do it all the time, without even knowing it. WHY????

I think the answer dates back to when I was younger. I've always been a shy person, always kept to myself, didn't say much. But my brain was going in a million directions. In my mind, I would be having a full fledge conversation, but I wouldn't say a word. I'm not crazy I promise! lol But that's how I lived my life, or existed, for a long time. But as I look back now, I'm proud to see that in most ways, I'm not the same person I once was, which means alot. I've grown. Life is good.

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