DIY: Feathered Earrings

I'm really starting to grow interest in DIY projects. There fun and you than create them according to your own personal style.

Last night, after having entirely too much on my mind, I decided to put my time to good use and complete these feathered earrings I started on a few months ago.

I don't have pics on when I initially started, but all I used was black interfacing, a hot glue gun, some feathers and sequins.
For the sequins, I used an old beanie (that I NEVER wear) and I cut out the sequins individually.

Here is the end result of putting the feather piece together...After rummaging through my broken and rarely used jewelry collection, I found a pair of earrings with matching findings and decided to use them to complete the earrings.

Here's the end result.

I like! Will definitely be experimenting with different variations of feathers for more projects.

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