I'm BAck!

Tried tumblr but ultimately I decided to go with blogger. I just feel like I can add a bit more to blogger and for people who like customization a bit more than others, blogger seems to be a bit more user friendly.

Haven't been up to too much lately...just exploring my inner self ;-) which is always...interesting. As of today, I have officially lost 20 lbs!! And Lords knows, it was hard, hard, HARD! But as difficult as it was, I can say with full confidence that it was well worth it. I have at least another 20 to go, maybe more, depending on how satisfied I am with the end results.

My art class has now ended, and so I embark on another quest, beginner's sewing 101. The start date creeped up on me, so I missed the first class. But I'll make up for it next week. I'm really excited to see how it is, and moreso, my discovery of if I will like it or not. But shit, I'm young, so why not?

I would say that I'll be updating more, but we know how that goes. I'll just do it when I'm "in the moment". Haven't been taking any pics lately, so gotta get back on it. Will post....eventually.


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