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not sure if i shared this with you all, but i decided to sign up for basic drawing classes last week. my first class was saturday, and i really enjoyed it. i've been feeling really inspired lately and i'm trying to find ways to channel my creativity. before, i would just get frustrated and my mind would get away with me. hopefully taking this class with help and who knows, bring on some other challenges. this of course, is a part of a grander scheme that i've put into action *wink*, but we'll see how it will work itself out.

so, the first class, was about perception. first off, let me explain the art factory i'm attending, just to give you a background. the name...torpedo art factory....the location...old towne, va....the scene...BEAUTIFUL. at least in this season. its located right behind the potomac, and there is sooo much to do in this tiny location. restaurants, small quaint shops, water tours, etc. really nice. the particular art facility that i got to for my classes is the art warehouse located about 2 blocks down from the "main attractions". so there is this mural painted on the wall(s)...crazy. whoever did this did an excellent job. wish i would've taken a pic. anyway, inside this building are the classrooms for photography, painting, art, and i couldn't really get a grasp on what else is done there.

back to the first class...perception. our instructor, who is also a full time professor at george washington university, is a bit....eccentric, but very inviting. the other students ranged from maybe 60s down to early 20s. of course, i'm the only black person in the class, but hey, whatever, i can deal with that. so we take our seats and dr. burke arranges 3 white objects on a stage like board and attempts to adjust the lighting. the whole point of this exercise, is to observe where the light hits the objects and the shadowing. although our perception of the objects were different depending on our seating around the room, capturing the basic shapes of the objects and where the light hit was key.

here are my end results

this class was extremely relaxing, but you had to think a little bit at the same time. i had forgotten what it felt like to be in a class just drawing. i missed it. can't wait to see what's next.


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