May 4th Hair Update

Ok so the hair is G R O W I N G! No like for real, it's growing yall. And now I have to find some new styles to start experimenting with. So far I've tried the 2 strand twist bantu knots and I've tried finger coiling throughout my hair. I love both styles, but I really want to give the bantu knots another try. Will prob do that over the weekend sometime.

So far, I just change up my hair regimen every other day, depending upon how I'm feeling and how I want my hair to feel. If I'm going for the soft curly look, I pull out the shea butter and coconut oil mixture or Giovanni's Direct Leave In Conditioner. But on my lazy days, I just stick with my good ol Kinky Curly products which I love. I do want to try Miss Jessie's maybe next week...that stuff is expensive, but from what I'm hearing, it's worth it.

I haven't posted pics since the bantu knots tutorial, so I'll try to get a few up by the end of the week. It's gotten harder for me to update the blog because...

1) I don't have internet access at home. (I know don't laugh...getting it soon though...real soon.)
2) The only time I can update is when I'm at work...self explanatory.
and 3) I forget sometimes *shrugs* don't judge me.

But I'm going to try to be a bit more persistent in posting for those who are interested in the natural hair updates.

More coming soon...promise!


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