TUTORIAL: Two Strand Bantu Knots

Ok, so I'm sitting at home bored on a Friday night (3 am Saturday morning to be exact) I'm decide to do a little experimentation. Previously, I had seen a youtube tutorial done by the lovely SimplYounique and I made a vow that when my hair grew out a little longer that I would try them. And so the story goes...

First, I started to wet my hair with my spritz (made of water, EVOO, and coconut oil). Then I parted each section with my hands and clipped them. I did 2 strand twists for each section and twisted them, wrapping each one around itself and secured with a bobby pin.

After that, I just tied my hair up with a satin scarf took my butt to sleep!

Woke up the next morning and after a vigourous workout, it was time to tackle the knots. First, I wet my hands with EVOO just so my unravelling the twist wouldn't cause them to frizz. When I unravelled, I tried to undo them at the point were the 2 strands meet. Then I would separate more, only because I like a bit more volume with my hair. After that, I wanted to add a bit more moisture, so I sprayed with my homemade spritz. MAYBE that was a bad idea. I think the water caused it to frizz up a bit, but I still loved the results.

I think next time, I'm going to co-wash and put in a direct leave-in conditioner (love Giovanni ;-) just to help with the moisture. They lasted for remainder of the weekend, just tie up at night and in the morning pick out with your fingers and you're all set. Probably would've lasted longer, but because I work out, the sweat caused it to frizz like a mug!!

If you decide to try it, let me know how it turns out!


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