it's time fo' a change...

lemme just say that to anyone who has a job, you are blessed (myself included). this economy is kicking ass and has been for a while now, so i wouldn't just go and quite my only source of income. HOW THE FUCK EVER...i can not...and i stress CAN NOT continue this monotonous routine of a 9 to 5 any longer. i'm just not cut out for it. i don't mind taking orders on occasion,i know that i'm just not cut out for this. i've been in the workforce since 2007 officially, and i must say prior to landing a good job, i've had my share of rejection and asshole supervisors, but this is for the birds. currently, i work for a major television network, and when i first started here, i was excited. there was so many opportunities to learn and grow with the company. i had the chance to put my creativity to use and create a few television specials and music programming. but now i'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and unfulfilled. i know why and what has brought on this onset of emotional unbalance and ugency towards finding my "purpose". it's because i'm not where i'm meant to be. i'm where i should be, at least for the moment, but this isn't what i'm supposed to be doing, mostly because i'm just plain unhappy. don't get my wrong, i LOVE the entertainment industry and i love the ppl who i've shared countless laughs and worked with on exciting projects, but at the end of the day, i would much rather be doing what makes me happy.

so now i'm kind of in the in between stages of figuring that out. whether it be music, fashion, television or a combination of the 3. i'm starting to explore things that had never occured to me in the past and i'm finding that those things have proven to serve me mentally and emotionally. i like painting, i like drawing, i like creating things, and i'm learning now how not to be ashamed of things that i'm not necessarily expected to be doing or even know how to do. it's a process, this life thing, but sometimes that can be the best part i guess. time will tell..



  1. I am SO there! lol
    Hopefully by Fall I will be outta this cubicle and doing what I know is a part of my purpose. I will be making less money for a minute, but I feel that it will be so worth it in the end. I'll feel good that I took that leap of faith towards bettering myself.

  2. keep hope alive *fist pump* i wish you the best of luck....cuz life gotsta be better than this!

    thanks for the comment ;-)